Samurai XDR Application Overview

Modified on Tue, 05 Dec 2023 at 01:09 AM

What is Samurai XDR?

Samurai XDR is a vendor-agnostic, cloud native, scalable, API-driven, advanced threat detection, and response platform.


What is the XDR Application?

The Samurai XDR application is a workbench that enables you to detect advanced threats, investigate and automate actions. 


Who uses the XDR application?

Different teams or individuals may use the application based on their specific areas of responsibility. The application is typically used by security analysts within SecOps (Security Operations) teams to manage, detect and respond to threats to their organization. It may also be used by other teams to integrate telemetry sources and view security related information.


Why use the XDR Application?

Once you have integrated your telemetry sources there are specific features available which allow you to review alerts and carry out investigations in order to determine and prioritize any potential threats, see useful links below covering each feature:


Service Applicability

The Samurai XDR application is self service, meaning you are responsible for alerts and investigations including any response actions required.  From the XDR application you can also access the Samurai Help Center to submit requests as needed.


How do I get help?

Review our Getting Help guide for information. You may also wish to review our Support Policy.


What's next?

If you have not already done so, the first place to start is by integrating your products with Samurai XDR.  This is usually done either by connecting log sources to provide telemetry to Samurai XDR.  Telemetry is ingested via a "Collector". Review Samurai XDR Collectors to understand more!