Integrations Overview

Modified on Wed, 03 Jan 2024 at 06:15 PM

What is an Integration?

A data source integrated with Samurai XDR. An integration allows us to collect and ingest telemetry data from multiple sources, including network, endpoint and cloud. 


What integrations are available?

We have pre-built integrations to a comprehensive array of 3rd party products and services. Select Supported Integrations to view what is available.


How do I add an integration?

Select Integration for steps that can be taken with integrations within the Samurai XDR application.


Integration Health

Once you have configured Integrations to bring your logs into Samurai XDR you will also want to make sure that your log sources are healthy.  For more details on how to maintain Integration health and troubleshoot problems, please read our article about Integration Health.


What's Next?

Upon completion of your integrations, the platform will start collecting and ingesting telemetry data, you should now start to review any alerts that are generated. To find out more about alerts see Alerts Management Overview