Samurai Status Page

Modified on Thu, 25 Apr 2024 at 06:54 PM

The Samurai Status page allows Samurai XDR and Samurai MDR users to monitor status of elements of the Samurai XDR platform.



The main Status Page provides an overall status of platform elements - this includes the following:

  • User Authentication : User authentication to the Samurai XDR application and Help Center
  • XDR SaaS Application: Availability of the Samurai XDR application 
  • Event Processing: Subsystems and components used for event processing of client telemetry data. This is highlighted as two different elements: 
    • AI Engine: The Samurai XDR Artificial Intelligence engine
    • Processing Pipeline: Subsystems and components used for processing client telemetry data
  • Telemetry Collection: Samurai XDR infrastructure to collect and/or ingest telemetry from client data sources.

Telemetry Collection, relates to the Samurai XDR platform components and not client telemetry from an integration.


Each bar in a service element history represents a single day, from 90 days ago (on the far left) to today (on the far right). 

The color of each bar represents the most severe incident level that occurred on that date, in any of the related subservices or elements.

  • Green bar: No issues. The service is performing as expected
  • Yellow bar: Service degradation. There is intermittent or partial service interruption
  • Red Bar: Outage. The service is currently unavailable


Viewing service incident information

Any day with a Service degradation (yellow bar) or Service outage (red bar) includes an incident summary.

To view an incident summary hover over the bar. The incident summary appears.


An incident summary can include the following information:

  • Date of the incident
  • Type of incident

  • The time to resolve
  • A link to related information

To view incident details click on the Related text.


Incident Details

Incident details can include:

  • Descriptions of the incident under the following categories:
    • Investigating
    • Identified
    • Monitoring
    • Resolution
  • Date and time of posting


Past Incidents

The Status page also lists past incidents for the last month.

You can also view Incident History by selecting the text at the bottom of the screen. Select any of the Incidents to view more information.


By selecting Uptime you can view Uptime of each individual service level over a 3 month period.