Release Date: 7th December 2023


Advanced Query

  • Added the ability to select "Interval" for the results graph. Allowed options range from automatic, months down to milliseconds.
  • Users can now select Data \(Alerts and Events\) in a single query. This functionality allows the user to select both or individually.
  • Other improvements include: Ability to view and select fields that are grouped by Target in Field section and ability to open Alerts in Alert Details via Result section.

User Management

New "Users" menu added under Management
  • Tenant owners can : View all invited users, cancel invites, resend pending invite (those yet to be accepted)
  • All non-Tenant owners (users) can view other users (name and email address only).


  • Alert Widget only shows new Alerts after user manually initiating a refresh

Knowledge Base

Advanced Query added the new section to the article showing the Interval menu item

User Management new article showing user management capabilities.