Cisco Meraki

Modified on Tue, 19 Mar 2024 at 08:57 AM

Our Integration guide was accurate at the time of writing but vendors change things frequently! If you find errors or anything is outdated, let us know by raising a request in the Samurai Help Center and we'll get it updated.



This guide describes the steps required to configure a Cisco Meraki telemetry integration in Samurai XDR.

To create this Integration you will need to perform actions in Cisco Meraki followed by configuration in Samurai XDR:

Cisco Meraki Credentials

  • Select an Organization and note its Organization ID
  • Generate an API Key.

Samurai XDR → Telemetry Integration

  • Create a new Samurai XDR Telemetry Integration for Cisco Meraki, providing the credentials configured above.

Cisco Meraki Credentials

Navigate to the Meraki account management console at:

Organization ID

If you have multiple organizations, select the one you want to retrieve telemetry for from the dropdown in the main menu:

The Organization ID for the currently selected organization is displayed in the footer of every page, note this value for use when configuring Samurai XDR:


Navigate to Organization > API & Webhooks from the main menu:

Select API keys and access and then use the Generate API Key button to create a new key. Note the API key for use when configuring Samurai XDR:

Configure the Integration in Samurai XDR

To create a new Cisco Meraki integration you will need the following information:

  • A name for your new integration. This will be displayed on the Telemetry → Integrations screen.

  • An optional description for your integration. This can be useful if you connect multiple products or instances of the same product.

  • The credentials previously noted in Cisco Meraki:

    • Organization ID

    • API Key.

Sign in to Samurai XDR and select Telemetry → Integrations from the main menu:

Click on the Create button:

Select Cisco Meraki from the available Integrations and click Next:

Provide the API Key and Organization ID that were noted earlier in Cisco Meraki, an click Next:

Click Test and Samurai XDR will reach out to Cisco Meraki to validate the credentials provided:

When the Test has passed, the Finish button is enabled, click it to save your new Integration: 

Samurai XDR will redirect you to the Telemetry Integrations screen where it will be visible:

mceclip0.png For general information on Integrations refer to the Integrations article.